February 2017

How to Add Photos to Your Google Business Listing

Adding Photos to Your Google Business Listing Google LOVES images. Our experience is that Google My Business listings with more photos perform better (conversions) and may in fact achieve better rankings than those with few photos. These conclusions seem be supported by Google’s new enthusiasm for photos. Yet, for small business owners, this can be a problem. It often falls to the very bottom of the list of more important tasks, which is reasonable. But there are easy ways to add photos to your Google Listing: #1  Download the Google My Business App on your smartphone. Login and get acquainted. Now you can get push notifications to alert you of reviews, updates and more. #2  Take photos of your business with your phone. Happy, personable and engaging photos are best. If you own a restaurant, happy faces eating your food inside your establishment make the best profile photos. Stock images = Bad. #3  Upload those photos to your Google My Business App. And now you are done. You can follow these same steps on Yelp with Yelp Business Owners App. Tip While just having photos on your listings is good, having professional looking photos would be better, and photos uploaded with optimized file names is a good idea [pizza-new-haven-ct.jpg], but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

February 9, 2017 on Local Search Marketing Blog

3 Reasons Why a Bad Review Can Be Good For Your Business

A Negative Review Can Be Good for Your Business! Did you just get a negative review? Don’t Fret! Here are 3 reasons why: #1 Research has shown that people don’t trust businesses with only 5-Star reviews.  Having an average of 4.5 – 4.7 out of 5.0 stars is the sweet spot. This is more reflective of what actually occurs in the real world. Even if you are A+++ Awesome with everyone, there’s always that one impossible-to-please grumpy weirdo who still thinks you suck. It happens to all of us. That’s just life. #2 You should always respond to online reviews on Yelp & Google.** It shows that you are listening. As Jack Jostes has pointed out – Most customers just want to be heard! It also shows all your customers that you are paying attention to your business and your customers and that you care! On Yelp, you have the option to respond privately to the reviewer to resolve a customer service issue. Thus, your negative review gives you an opportunity to make it right for your unhappy customer. ** In some cases, if you have very few total reviews, a public response to a negative review is not the best action to take. Reach out privately to that customer instead. #3 How you respond to a negative review can reveal a lot about who you are. On Google & Yelp you don’t get to tell the world how truly awesome your business is. That’s the job of the general public by writing authentic reviews. But, a gracious & amazing response to an unhappy customer can be a powerful statement of awesomeness. People just want to know that if they are disappointed by your business – You’ll be super awesome about it in some way. If you do this right, getting a …

February 1, 2017 on Local Search Marketing Blog