Inner Path Acupuncture

Inner Path Acupuncture was the very first client for Trumpet Local Media. To be completely honest, it was an experiment. We would attempt to get Megan’s business to rank on page 1 of Google for Acupuncture in Boulder, CO. This was 2009 in the Wild West days of Local SEO. Websites were not necessary – just Google business listings. Back then it was known as the Google Local Business Center and that was Google’s experiment. So we went to work. And wouldn’t you know – within one month Inner Path Acupuncture was ranking in the top 3 – and her phone started ringing.

As a testament to the power of Local SEO, Megan’s weekly patient load went from 7 to 23 patients per week and she stayed booked consistently with new patients calling daily – for the next few years. You read that right – YEARS. Megan could raise her rates, sell packages, take vacations, and even start a family – all knowing that her business would still be thriving.

With each evolution at Google, we kept up: Megan got a website and we optimized it. The rules changed and we adjusted up until about 2013 when our work was complete. And as of the day of this post in 2016, Inner Path Acupuncture still ranks #3 for fertility acupuncture in Boulder, CO, which is awesome because that’s her passion and what she’s really good at.