August 2016

Google My Business Phone Support 2016

Google My Business Phone Support 2016 <UPDATE> December 30, 2016 This link to get to this phone support is working again! Google My Business Phone Support   <UPDATE> November 3, 2016 On your Google Listing dashboard, click the menu icon at Top Left. Scroll to “Support” A help dialogue box will appear. Scroll to the bottom of this box. Options for Phone, Live Chat, and Email may be available. Good Luck & Have Fun! – – – – – Their customer support is awesome. Often the link to get to this phone support is hard to find. Here it is: Google My Business Phone Support I used this just yesterday for a listing verification issue. I find their reps to be very reasonable and helpful. They called me back immediately and my issue was resolved. So as of August 2016, this is working. If in the future this link doesn’t work, please let us know so we can get it updated.

August 25, 2016 on Local Search Marketing Blog

Google Maps Business Name Spam Alive & Well in 2016

Google puts great effort into providing the very best possible search results, as that’s primarily how they earn their money. In 2015, their annual revenue was $74.5 Billion. So you can imagine they have a great interest in also stamping out businesses that cut corners with spammy tactics to rank on page 1. And for most businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to rank on page 1 in the Local Pack. The listings went from 10 to 7 to 3 and now we’ve got 2 and 1….with more ads. It’s TOUGH! I thought there was NO WAY something as simple and familar as business name spam could still be a thing in 2016, but I am wrong. Okay let’s see. We’ll take a look at an industry I’m familiar with (Mental Health) in cities I’m familiar with. Let’s do a search for “Psychologist San Francisco” – this is as simple and easy as it gets. Remember, out of Thousands of Psychologists in San Francisco – this coveted #1 spot goes to someone not playing by the rules. Dr. Jennifer Gans has got it made. Let’s try another related search in San Francisco – “Therapist”: This is Google Maps Business Name SPAM. Whether she knows it or not – Dr. Stacy Weibley is breaking the rules but still ranking in that powerful spot where her phone is ringing daily with new prospective clients. The #3 spot is held by Uli Ramon, who appears to have a website using all sorts of tricky SEO tactics yet I’d bet just about anyone that her actual business name is not “Therapy San Francisco | Uli Ramon”. Now, come on! Let’s get more specific with our searches in San Francisco and see what happens. Let’s try “Child Psychologist”: What’s going on here? Adding Category descriptors in the …

August 1, 2016 on Local Search Marketing Blog