Beyond Rankings – Just Be Awesome



As web marketers, we can do a lot of things to help your business thrive online and offline, but beyond that, what ultimately creates huge success is up to the managers & owners of the business. If you – and your business – is awesome, then you’ll get online reviews and links to your website. You’ll get word-of-mouth referrals and write ups in the media and mentions on blog posts. And it’s all of these things that contribute to how well you rank on Google and how many visitors convert into customers.

If you rank #1 and your customer service is terrible, you’ll likely get negative reviews since you are not meeting your customers expectations. So some of your “marketing budget” should go towards being more awesome. Get off Google’s naughty list and by next Christmas you’ll be ranking better online.

Customer service & online reviews only tell part of the story. Being somehow newsworthy, special, unique, or even controversial can generate buzz – both online and offline.  Doing supportive things for the community is one way to be awesome. In Central Oregon, our local Dry Cleaners shop offers free suit cleaning to unemployed job candidates. And while this is actually redeemed infrequently, the spirit of the offer is uplifting. They also clean some local school sports & cheerleader uniforms for free as a way to support the schools. And that’s awesome! And yes they just got a link from this blog.

Can you come up with 3 ways to just be awesome in 2017? Please share them here in the comments.