Joan Teasdale Hypnotherapy

Ranking well on Google as a hypnotherapist in New York City is no easy task – even for a specialty practitioner such as a hypnotist. But it’s possible! Every local business must have the foundation of solid Local SEO in order to rank locally in a competitive market. Certainly more reviews & links will help, but it’s the basics that are essential. We provided foundational SEO for Joan Teasdale and already she’s fielding new leads from her website weekly.

Our next step was to look down the list from our Keyword research to find opportunities to create specialty local pages that could crack into page 1. Here’s what we came up with:

Hypnosis for Weight Loss in NYC
Hypnosis for Sleep in NYC
Hypnosis for Anxiety in NYC
Hypnosis to Quit Smoking NYC

Each of these pages are now ranking on page 1 for Joan and her practice is growing.