Customers Can now Add Photos to your Google Reviews!


Google Reviews Now Enable Photos

This morning I wrote a review for a business on Google and I was given the option of uploading a photo of the business from my computer or my phone. I don’t recall ever seeing this option before on Google. Is this brand new or was my coffee just really strong this morning?


This is something that Yelp has had for years and in the Yelp business dashboard customer photos are listed – and it’s done really well and I’ve always appreciated it. In comparison, this Google version is clunky and almost Windows-like (on a desktop). I have not tried this mobile version yet.


Dear Google: Why are you confusing users with the Local Guide and Points options. Why can’t it just be something simple like – Just upload a photo because we want to or we think it’s cool? Um, it almost looks like you are trying to SELL ME SOMETHING. Could this be?


The Google Support Page for this mentions that Local Guides can upload photos. Am I a Local Guide? That’s news to me. And they are offering me points? I don’t want any points. Hmmm. At this point in all sales pitches that I’m not interested in or don’t have time, I click “No Thanks”. But what happens if I click “Get Started”?

[PREDICTION] Before I do this, I’ll predict that this is a sneaky back door to get people active on Google+

Well, I went back to duplicate my first experience but I’m unable to get back to that screen to “Get Started”… Perhaps it was because I already said “No Thanks”. If anyone else can do this, please let me know. But I did find this:

Google+ Pitch #1 – When you click on upload photos from your phone, sure enough they have some appealing offers for you: