5 Reasons Why You Should Love Yelp

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Yelp

I talk to many business owners who are flat-out afraid of Yelp. They don’t even want their business listed on Yelp. Is that you? This blog post is for you!

Forget all the horror stories and fear mongering of Yelp’s past. Yelp has grown up and plays a powerful role in the world of online marketing. If your business is something people are likely searching for on Yelp, it’s time to embrace this monster. Here are 5 reasons why:

#1 Yelp ranks on Page 1

Across most every business category and across most every city in America, in searches for “service + city” you’ll find a Yelp page on page 1. Yelp has done an excellent job of creating relevant pages that help people find what they are looking for.

TIP – Optimize your business listing with photos, bio, description & history to improve your rankings on Yelp.

SECRET – The words and phrases your customers use to write their reviews of your business can contribute to where and how you rank on Yelp AND Google.

#2 You can respond publicly & privately to Yelp reviews

Yelp reviews are awesome! Reviews are a top ranking factor on Yelp so the more reviews you have on Yelp, the better you will rank on that page that’s on page 1. All reviews contribute to rankings – not just positive ones. Don’t be afraid of reviews – even bad ones!

Yelp reviewers can be brutally honest and ruthless. They also tend to be long-winded and opinionated. This can be great for your business! There are a few strategies how to turn negative reviews into a very positive experience for your business.

Tip – Think of the ability to interact with your reviewers as an opportunity to provide excellent customer service.

#3 Using the Yelp app is awesome.

The best way to understand your customers who use Yelp is to become familiar with it. Start using it!

Tip – Download the Yelp app on your phone. Do it now! Check in at a business, upload photos and describe your experience. Discover all the ways Yelpers can inform the Yelp community about your business.

#4 Yelpers trust Yelp reviews.

For many people in San Francisco, Yelp is their PRIMARY SEARCH tool. It’s the first, and often ONLY, place they look to find what they are looking for. It’s not just limited to The Bay Area. Yelp is immensely popular all along the US west coast and in cities all over the US.

Tip – Many of these Yelpers will travel to where your business is located. And they’ll use Yelp when they do!

Businesses with THOUSANDS of reviews? Yep!
Ability to interact immediately with your business? Yep! Check this out!

#5 Let Yelpers grade your Customer Service for you

If you are getting consistent or even a few not-five-stars reviews, let this be a wake up call! Embrace the notion that these customers are reporting their actual experience – and do something about it! Strive to improve and always, ALWAYS be gracious and appreciative to those that express their disappointment in your business.

Tip – You have a precious public opportunity to gain back the favor of a customer that wrote a very negative review of your business. Use it wisely and show people how you truly want to make things right for all of your customers

Yelp is awesome and they are getting better all the time! Yelp is here to stay, and while they may not have a truly worthwhile advertising option for your particular business, It will pay to have your business presence current, accurate, and engaged.

Do you love Yelp? Tell us why or why not in the comments!