The Latest News for Local SEO in 2017

Mozcon local 2017

The Latest News for Local SEO in 2017

Last month Jack Jostes attended the MOZCON Local conference where all the latest Local SEO information was shared and discussed. Oh how I wanted to be there too! Jack took over 40 pages of notes which he distilled down to a 40 minute video for the team at Ramblin Jackson. If you really, r e a l l y want to watch that video, let me know. But you are probably better off just watching this 6 minute video here for Jacks Key Takeaways from MOZCON Local 2017.

My favorite 3 points:

Google is the new home page: Google is pulling more and more information about your business directly into their search results so you don’t need to leave Google. 34% of searches receive no clicks. How does your business look on Google?

Trend: Voice Search is growing rapidly and businesses must consider this when crafting content about their business and it’s products & services. Are you ready for your future? Things need to be consistent!

Trend: Online reviews are more important than ever – both in supporting clicks from potential customers and in rankings. Request reviews via email from your customers with direct one-to-one emails from you and let them know how much of a difference that will make for your business.