Google Business Name Spam Update

Google Business Name Spammers Beware!

We can edit your Business Name for you

Dear Business Owners:

Your Google business listing is for you to list your actual business name at your actual business address. Yes, we understand that you want to rank well on Google for your specific business services – but the “Business Name” field is not the place to mention those things. Oh, ALSO, we understand that you want Google to know which city your business is in – but that’s why there is a “City, ST” field. Just go ahead and put the city where the city name goes, Okay?

Yes, there is sarcasm my tone here – but some of these “business names” are ridiculous and embarrassing. I mean, ARE YOU FOR REALS?????

I’ve been informed that Google is hard at work to resolve this gap in enforcement in Google guidelines. Perhaps later in 2017, after we’ve captured some aliens and Elvis comes out of hiding, Google will enforce inflict penalties on obvious spammers.

And for the Corporations that are knowingly practicing spammy tactics, I hope that there’s a way for Google to penalize the whole lot of them. I don’t know how they might do that – but perhaps there is a way. In the meantime, we’ll just keep editing spammy business listings ourselves. Hint: And YOU can too!! It’s easy & fun.

Yes, I know that it’s hard to rank on Page 1 of Google. It Should Be hard.  The best businesses should rank the best. Don’t you think? By “gaming the system” and essentially “cheating your way to the top” you are doing no one any favors.

The question I now ask of business owners: “Why should Google rank you on page 1? Please be specific.”

More on that later….