Google My Business Rolling Out New Features

New Features in Your Google My Business Dashboard

Google is on a tear lately, launching a rapid series of awesome additions & enhancements to the Google My Business platform. Finally! After years of neglect (and the distraction of the Marissa Mayer debacle), the long wish lists for Google business listings is seeing some real action.

In addition to improved functionality and the addition of attributes, and better customer support, Google My Business listings now offer 3 new features:

FREE websites that can be created in minutes

Social-style promotional Posts which expire in 7 days

Built-in SMS Messaging for customer support

Google is intent on keeping users in the Google ecosystem and all of these features are strong engagement options for SMBs (Small Business Owners) to use Google My business on a DAILY basis. Now, why was this not a priority in 2009? Well…. And because of this lapse of attention for the past several years Google has essentially trained business owners that there’s nothing special about their Google listing. Now that there IS, I expect most businesses to take a LONG TIME to adopt most of these features. And Google is notoriously bad at promoting its own products.

Will you use these features? Will you even log in to check them out? Do you know how to log in to Google My Business?

Future posts here will examine details on each new feature.