October 2016

How to Submit a Business on Acxiom

How to Submit a Business to Acxiom Submitting your local business on Acxiom is a big deal – one of the most important Local SEO tactics available. It’s not easy to find where to go to begin so let us help you. Here’s the page: https://mybusinesslistingmanager.myacxiom.com/# It’s free but you’ll have to jump through some hoops to complete the process. This is why it’s so beneficial. Less-than-legitimate companies won’t be able to complete the submission which creates greater trust at Google. Hoop #1 – Your Password Is Too Weak You’ll need to create an account first and the password requirements are strict: Hoop #2 – Only 1 Business May Apply If you attempt to create more than one account from your office, they will stop you in your tracks: Auto-fill from your browser won’t work on this page and they make you start over from the beginning, those that carry on are already showing their tenacity. Boom! Now that you have your account set up you’ll search for your business. If it’s not listed you can add a new business. This brings us to…. Hoop #3 – Business License Required Basically, the business name & address you are submitting must be an actual legitimate licensed business with the exact business name & address on the license. Here’s their exact wording: The list of category options for your business is absolutely exhausting. It may take you 10 minutes just to scroll to the appropriate category. We’ve never seen anything like this category list before. It’s unique. Then just when you’ve submitted your incredible PDF and click “SUBMIT” – nothing much happens. You’ll click it again just to be sure. “Thank You” appears in small letters – but you are not taken to a next step and it’s totally unclear what to do next. Did …

October 17, 2016 on Local Search Marketing Blog

Where does Siri get her information?

Where does Siri get her information? Most people won’t even ask this question or even wonder. It goes like this: “This is my awesome new iPhone. I trust Apple. I trust Siri. Look at this killer packaging! I’m hungry. I need food now – near me.” But where does she get her information? Apple is a direct competitor of Google and billions for dollars are at stake. To search on the internet on your iPhone, you’ll need to download Google’s apps to do that. Siri uses Apple Maps to give you answers to your questions about what is “Near Me”. Don’t believe me? Just ask Siri. It goes like this: Today I was inside Melvin’s Market in Sisters, Oregon. I was in line with my local raw honey and two avocados when I asked Siri to find a “Grocery store near me.” Siri has no idea the Melvin’s Market even exists. Melvin’s does not have an Apple Maps listing. Siri is sending me 1) .08 mi down the road to Melvin’s competitor, or to 2) an ice cream shop down the street that is miscategorized as a grocery store, or to 3) some General Store at Black Butte Ranch that might have nightcrawlers and Bud Light but probably not what I’m looking for. A voice search on Google’s app on my iPhone shows me much better results. I know Melvin’s Google listing would appear since I helped Melvin claim his listing and optimize it. (Disclosure: This Google screenshot was not grabbed inside Melvin’s earlier today. I did this just now while writing this blog post and yes, I’m .2 miles away). The bottom line is this: If you have a business and want people to find it – make sure it’s listed (properly & accurately) on Apple Maps. If you just unwrapped your …

October 15, 2016 on Local Search Marketing Blog