November 2017

Why does Google Keep Calling My Business?

Is Google using RoboCalls to spam my phone number? Many business owners get confused due to the repeated Spam calls to their business phone number from people claiming to be a representative from Google offering all sorts of scams. Here’s a list. Robocall scams are automated phone calls using recorded messages that may ask you to press a button to speak to a sales rep. Google doesn’t make these calls, so if it’s not a real person right from the start (and you didn’t request an automated call from Google), it’s not Google. It’s not Google that’s calling your business! Unfortunately these calls are coming from scammers posing as legitimate agencies whose business model is to rip off business owners. The scammers offering to help you with your google listing or rankings has created the very ugly side of SEO (and a well-deserved sense of distrust in the industry). When might Google contact you? You may receive a phone call from Google to verify your business or confirm business details for Google Maps or Google My Business. You may also receive a phone call about Google AdWords, Google Play or other Google products. Unless you specifically requested an automated call, a call from Google will always be from a live person, not a recorded voice. Any emails from Google should come from an email address ending in “”  What can you do about it? ALWAYS BLOCK THESE PHONE NUMBERS You may find this annoying, as every week scammers seem to call from a different phone number. But just stick to it. Each spam call that comes in, just block the number. This is easy on a cell phone but also possible for any phone service. Eventually your efforts will pay off and these calls will stop. REPORT THE SPAMMERS This …

November 24, 2017 on Local Search Marketing Blog

Now is the time to update your Special Holiday Hours on Google

Now is the time to update your Special Holiday Hours on Google! Google has worked hard to give business owners the opportunity to set special hours for Holidays to create extra trust for their customers. People know that many businesses don’t proactively announce hours online and often just tape a note to the front door.  And this can be frustrating and sometimes infuriating to customers! (and they might enjoy writing a bad review online because of it). So avoid bad reviews and make sure you take that next step to inform your customers when your hours will be different than normal! Really! DO THIS NOW. Step 1: Log in to Google My Business, click on “Info” Step 2: Scroll down and click on “Special Hours”. There you’ll see suggested dates for you to update. And you can add others too – up to a year in advance. It’s easy to figure out. Step 3: Have a nice relaxing day knowing that you are on top of everything. In fact you can take the rest of the day off.  

November 2, 2017 on Local Search Marketing Blog