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What to do When Your Business Gets a Negative Review

Getting a negative review is no fun – but it’s not the end of the world! Actually research has shown that people are less likely to trust a business with ONLY positive reviews. Really! Readers of reviews are most familiar with movie reviews or lengthy reviews on books at Amazon.com and basically they all know how to filter out the reviews that don’t really pertain to them. When was the last time a movie or a book had 100% positive reviews? It rarely (if ever) happens. What the reader – your potential new client or customer – is looking for is this:  “Will this business (or “movie” or “book”) be something I’d like?” and then, “Should I choose THIS one?” Ultimately its up to the discernment of the reader. Of course, all of humans have our own manner of discernment. So rest easy if you just got a negative review. In fact, a negative review is actually a great opportunity for the business owner to make a public comment to the reviewer. If done properly this comment can showcase how well the business takes responsibility for the poor experience of the reviewer and what the business owner is offering to do to make it right for the customer. This can have a greater impact to a reader than scrolling through a list of 5-star reviews! Would it make a difference to you? Of course, the best strategy is to avoid getting bad reviews. If most of your reviews are negative or you have negative reviews on multiple websites, people will simply not visit your website or choose your company. They’ll go someplace else. Or worse – they might share via word of mouth how they heard/read that your business is perhaps “not that great”. One easy example is my own …

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Paying for Google Reviews – Is this legal?

Getting reviews on Google is a great SEO tactic. The more reviews a business has indicates popularity to Google. The bottom line is that quantity of reviews is a ranking factor. The content of the review is helpful for seo as well. And as many business owners have discovered, it’s not easy to get your customers to review your business. So what is a business owner to do? Not long ago, I read on Mike Blumenthal’s blog that Google’s guidelines which explicitly prohibited payment for reviews. “Reviews are only valuable when they are honest and unbiased. For instance, as a business owner or employee you should not review your own business or current place of work. Don’t offer money or product to others to write reviews for your business or write negative reviews about a competitor. We also discourage specialized review stations or kiosks set up at your place of business for the sole purpose of soliciting reviews.” At least one company seems to be breaking the rules. At the bottom of this page reads this statement: This offer was created by LocBox on behalf of Urban Float (located at: 3420 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98103). Call 206-257-4333 if you have any issues or questions with this offer. So I called the number and got their voicemail. Really, this is not a big deal. It’s just curious. Should they be penalized? Will they be? It could be that this business is awesome and honest but perhaps misguided by LocBox. I’m curious about this. How badly do I want the $5 Starbucks card, really. Do I write a review even though I’m not a customer? Would they check to see if I was a customer somehow? Would they send me the gift card if I wrote a negative review? I wonder. This business has 76 reviews as …

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Ramblin Jackson Wrangles New Search Technology Through Acquisition of SEO Company in Boulder

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BOULDER, CO Ramblin Jackson, a web marketing and video production company in Boulder, Colorado, is expanding its services to help small businesses get found online through the acquisition of Trumpet Local Media, a local search engine optimization (SEO) firm. Small businesses today need a multi-pronged approach to online marketing and SEO. “Search for small business is essential,” said Jeffrey Magner, former Trumpet Local Media owner. “Small businesses can make it or break it on search results alone. It’s imperative that small businesses now get found online on the first page of search engines.” Since Trumpet Local Media was founded in 2009, it has focused only on “Local Search” in order to fully develop specific expertise and keep up with the rapid changes in the Local landscape.  As a result, Trumpet Local Media is able to provide customers with a powerful way to get found online in the Local Search Results. As the internet is constantly evolving, small businesses have a hard time keeping up. Since Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, and Mobile Search have grown in popularity, having an optimized website is now a required component for achieving top local results. Ramblin Jackson is a company that offers all of those things, and it was the perfect complement for Ramblin Jackson to acquire Trumpet’s Local SEO expertise and merge it with the rest of their offerings. “Our goal is to help small businesses stay on top of what’s new so they can continue to get found online,” said Jack Jostes, Internet Marketing Director of Ramblin Jackson. “Ramblin Jackson has grown from offering just social media and video, to helping business with a complete online presence. From getting found on search engines to generating repeat business with email marketing, to converting web traffic with the power of video, …

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Relocating Your Business? How to Avoid the Local SEO Nightmare

If your business has a significant web presence at your existing address, including online business directories, and your business is relocating nearby (same city or county) – this article is for you. It’s imperative that you understand the “best practices” for updating your web presence and that you consult with/hire an expert to help you. If you don’t, the search engine rankings for your business may disappear and never come back to where they are today. Over the years, we have seen and heard of many Local SEO Nightmare stories. If you don’t want this to happen to you, the following information is critical. Understanding the Local SEO Ecosystem Once your business information is listed in an online directory, it’s often scraped by or sold to other online directories. Online data about your established business can spread far and wide online. If you’ve advertised in the phone book, for instance DEX, they put your business in their multiple online directories. Now that DEX [dexknows.com and others] has merged with Supermedia [superpages.com, localsearch.com, Verizon Yellow Pages, Frontier Yellow Pages, etc…], they will have added your business to many directories that you have never heard of.  And….. This is Awesome for Rankings when your business is not relocating because Search Engines want to see your business location across as many online sources (known as “Citations”) as possible. This helps to establish trust that your NAP (Business Name, Address, Phone) are legitimate. This is a Nightmare for your Rankings when you relocate your business because it’s impossible to properly update your business listings. It really is impossible. Improper updates will create inconsistencies in your businesses NAP. Inconsistencies cause “confusion” in the Search Engines understanding of your business. Since Google makes most all of their money from providing excellent search results for it’s users, …

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