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Why Photos of Your Business Matter

By Jeffrey Magner / January 27, 2017 / 1 Comment

Business photos on Google: It Makes a Difference This is what happens when you make great pizza Mike Blumenthal recently posted about an upgrade to photos in the Google My Business dashboard. It’s one of series of recent dashboard upgrades and another indication that Photos could should be a priority for local businesses. The highlight […]

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Are Keyword-Rich Domain Names Still a Thing?

By Jeffrey Magner / January 25, 2017 / Comments Off on Are Keyword-Rich Domain Names Still a Thing?

Should I Have Keywords in My Domain? Not so long ago, back in mid-2016, I was disappointed to see that many websites were ranking high up on page 1 for no good reason besides their domain was exactly or very closely matched to my search query. The bummer of the past 10+ years that the internet […]

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How to Get More Yelp Reviews

By Jeffrey Magner / January 23, 2017 / 2 Comments

How to Get More Yelp Reviews Most businesses know that having reviews on Yelp will probably be helpful, even if they cringe at the thought of what might happen if their customers actually review them there. If you are a business owner looking to get more reviews to improve rankings, there are a few things […]

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Where do Google My Business Attributes Come From?

By Jeffrey Magner / January 6, 2017 / Comments Off on Where do Google My Business Attributes Come From?

Where do your business attributes come from? Short Answer: You! There has been considerable anticipation of the broader roll-out of business “Attributes” on Google. In 2016, Google launched this feature in the Google My Business dashboard beginning with dining details for restaurants and then a more general attribute for “Wheelchair Access”. Today I was on Google […]

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A Story About Melvin’s Fir Street Market

By Jeffrey Magner / January 5, 2017 / Comments Off on A Story About Melvin’s Fir Street Market

Melvin’s is a small healthy grocery store on Fir Street here in Sisters, Oregon. And it’s really a special place. Everyone loves Melvin’s and it’s owner, Melvin Herburger. You can hear live bluegrass music while enjoying some of the best soup you’ll ever have. And on the shelf you’ll find a few products my wife & I have requested […]

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How to Add a Manager to Google My Business

By Jeffrey Magner / January 4, 2017 / Comments Off on How to Add a Manager to Google My Business

How to Add a Manager to Google My Business Business owners should ALWAYS own their own business listing on Google. But having your listing professionally managed is a good idea for most people. These days, thankfully, Google does a great job of making this possible.   The instructions can be found HERE   Sign in to […]

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