Optimize Your Business for Local Search Results

Whether your business barely survives or really thrives may depend on how well it ranks online. Local Search Engine Optimization increases the online “trust factor” of your business. The more specific and accurate the information about your business is, the more the search engines such as Google will trust it. Greater trust leads to higher rankings. View all of our Projects
    Balanced Body Center

    Balanced Body Center – Denver, CO A successful Local SEO & website SEO project resulting in consistent top rankings for wellness center.

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  • haight ashbury
    Ben & Jerry’s Haight Ashbury

    Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Catering We optimized 7 scoop shop locations and new website for top ice cream catering search phrases resulting in tremendous revenue growth. Many hours of research and NAP cleanup was required to create accurate listings and top rankings for each location.    

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  • TLM-City Floral logo
    City Floral Garden Center

    City Floral Garden Center – Denver, CO City Floral has been a tradition in Denver for over 100 years yet their online rankings did not reflect that. In conjunction with a new website and website SEO, a local optimization campaign successfully generated the online visibility and rankings they deserved.

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  • Ben&JerryLogo_New_tcm23-294867
    Ben & Jerry’s

    Trumpet local Media consulted on an extensive SEO campaign by the Washington DC Ben & Jerry’s franchise to increase sales in the catering division of their business.

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  • TLM-DBRE logo 1
    Downtown Boulder Real Estate

    Downtown Boulder Real Estate – Boulder, CO A successful Local SEO campaign enabled competitive rankings and dramatically increased website traffic.

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  • firehaus-logo-255x191
    Firehaus Pilates

    Firehaus Pilates in Denver, Colorado They were struggling to improve their online presence knowing it would make a big difference for their business. They had recently moved to a new location so they had conflicting and inconsistent address data on Google. We knew that their particular situation would cause a delay in top rankings in the Local Pack so they agreed to a robust website SEO strategy to compensate. 6 months later their website was ranking well but their Local ranking still were missing. We studied their situation and agreed that this was a matter of Google not quite trusting their new location. As time passed, and their customers kept writing reviews, one day they popped to the top for the Local Pack. Suddenly business was booming and they had to scramble to hire additional instructors to handle the all their new customers. Sometimes this process just takes a little more time to pay off.

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  • TLM-FWF Logo
    Flatiron Window Fashions

    Flatiron Window Fashions – Boulder, CO A successful Local SEO project that started with lots of cleanup work and wonder as to what course of action would generate positive results.

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  • frameit
    Frame It

    Frame It – Littleton, CO This is an on-going project including Local SEO, Website Design, SEO, and more – driving more customers through their store.

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  • Front Range Arborists Logo
    Front Range Arborists

    Front Range Arborists – Colorado Springs, CO Performed another successful local SEO campaign which resulted in a direct increase in customer inquiries and website visitors.

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  • FFA_Logo
    Fundamental Finance Academy

    Fundamental Finance Academy – Denver, CO Performed another successful local SEO campaign which resulted in a direct increase in customer inquiries and website visitors.

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    Garden Art Landscaping

    Garden Art Landscaping – Fort Collins, CO  A highly successful Local SEO and website SEO project with a goal of top rankings for this competitive industry.

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  • Jacque Michelle Gifts Boulder
    Jacque Michelle Gifts

    Jacque Michelle – Boulder, CO They are a local favorite here but they were not ranking well on Google and they didn’t know why. We optimized their local web presence and their website to get them to rank appropriately.   Their rankings improved and their website traffic increased but their bottom line business did not see a significant jump. We poured over analytics  and keyword data along with some real-world research in an advanced SEO campaign. This was the effort needed to obtain top rankings and increased in-store traffic.

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